Tuesday, July 21, 2009

JP’s Christmas in July IndyCar Wishlist

I noticed that July 25th is coming up, 4 days from that mythical mystical anti holiday created to sell cars – Christmas in July. We’re about 2/3rd of the way through the season, and it has been widely acknowledged as a season of discontent. SO I was thinking on top of the run of bad luck the league has been having, what things could pull us out of the doldrums.

I wanted to remain focused on stuff that is short term in nature, within the course of the remaining racing calendar or very shortly thereafter. I also want to be realistic, including things that have a positive probability of occurring (yes – by trade I am a statistician). I am limiting my self to 5 items on the list – no more than 3 are related to driver results and none have to do with where drivers will be next year. Since the schedule is coming out soon, that is fair game also. SO what are the 5 items on your Christmas in July list???

Here’s mine…

1) A Poll, a Podium and Win for Graham Rahal. Marco suffered from the Sophomore Jinx and has yet to recover. Graham has made big strides this year and a little extra success might interest McDonalds in activating that sponsorship a little more in the future.
2) Milwaukee on the Schedule for 2010. I went for the first time this year and really, really enjoyed the place. And yeah it’s old and not as shiny and new as other places, but our history oozes up from the cracks in the concrete. A solution needs to be found.
3) A podium for RHR. I was having a conversation with a friend before the season when a ride looked very doubtful. I said “RHR is the most important driver in the series” not the most famous, but in the long term important. An American with testicles and without a famous last name. Kids gotta have someone they can dream about. This season has been a bust, but a glimmer of hope for next season is needed.
4) A championship for JR Hildebrand in the lights series. See point number three. I am a fan of many of the foreign born drivers (miss you Vitor), but just like the oval/road course ratio (no less than half ovals), the ratio here is an important one to keep track of (at least 1/3rd us born). The kid is smart, professional and fast. A revamped, condensed and refocused AGR featuring TK, Marco and JR might get them headed back in the right direction.
5) Shortly after the season is done drivers visit the troops. After seeing the endorsement on Paul Tracy’s car and Suit in Toronto it made me think how great of a thing it would be if contingents of American, Canadian, British and Australian drivers went and visited the troops from their native countries stationed away from home. It’s just the right thing to do.

Please feel free to add in the comments section. At the end of the season I will repost these and see whose wishes came true!

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  1. Since I got a personal invitation (take that Katz!) with the greenlight to stray out of the eternal left handers and onto the two wheeled road tracks I'll play along. My Christmas wish list looks like this...

    1. Real TV coverage for 2-wheeled international road racing. This means FP and QP for the top classes and actual race coverage for the secondary classes. In all cases, we also wish for decent color commentary for all broadcasts. Another session with Greg White at the mike and I'll do what my father used to do on MNF when Howard was in the booth.

    2. A capable US road racing governing body. The AMA was never any good at organizing racing but since the AMA has outsourced US roadracing this year the situation has gone from bad to worse. Case in point: the Buell 1125's mixing it up with 600s. WTF????

    3. A race, which of course requires a sanctioned track, in the Northeast. NASCAR has Pocono, AMA has..... nothing! Need to get this fixed. I'm not riding out to Indy again anytime soon.

    4. Maybe fans of the oval boys can work up 5 items on the wish list; we moto boys know that to ask for too much is folly. The three above would make for the best Christmas ever.


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