Sunday, August 9, 2009

Three Days, Six Races and a Fierce Suntan - JP Does Mid Ohio

Hey everyone, I just spent three days at the speed and racing orgy that is Mid Ohio. Had a great time and would strongly recommend it. Six races in all: Two Headline Races – The IndyCar 200 and an ALMS event; Two open wheel developmental races – IndyLights and Formula Atlantic; Two other sports car races.

It may be a few days until I get some thoughts organized well enough to do another post, but in the mean time I thought I would share some weekend pictures with you. Enjoy!!!

ALMS: Dyson's LMP2 Mazda/Lola Entry

HVM's Entry for EJ Viso

KVRacing Prepping the #5 Car

Our Prayers are with you Mario (PS - PT kept her in one piece!)

The Pits in the Morning - A Great Day for a Race

IndyLights: Lauren - James Really Needs a Scooter...

IndyLights: Hinchcliffe, Hildebrand and Cunningham

Welcome Back Vitor!!

Hey AJ! Ryan and Vitor Would Make a GREAT Team!!

The Scene at the ESSES

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