Wednesday, October 28, 2009

IndyCar Drivers to Star in Upcoming Reality Shows.

In case you missed Jay Howard in his driving teacher cameo on MTV this evening you will have other possibilities to see some of your favorite IndyCar drivers on TV with their helmets off…

October 20, 1009

Stamford, CT – Versus Announces New Reality TV Show Featuring IndyCar Driver

The Versus television network is happy to announce its first foray into sports related reality television programming. Wanna Be My Grid Girl? will feature IndyCar series driver Hideki Mutoh in a series that is part “The Bachelor” and part “Average Joe”. The show will present Hideki as the dapper young bachelor looking for love and will co star with 15 beautiful women all vying for his affections.

Before the show began filming, the female co-stars were informed that the show would star a world famous race car driver. The women were not informed which driver exactly they would have the chance to meet and romance. Episodes of the show will feature Hideki and his grid girls doing hot laps in both the IndyCar two seater and in Tony Kanaan’s hot tub. Tony will serve as part spy, part dating coach as he plays the alias of fitness coach for the girls.

President of Versus, Jamie Davis was quoted as saying “With the recent economic down turn, the market for Male enhancement informercials has gone soft. Needless to say we have some empty air time on our hands.” He went on to add that “during the season, we heard and were touched by the story of Tony trying to find his friend and teammate a date. We wanted to find a way to help.” Davis was optimistic about the show’s potential for success “This seems like a better Idea than Fanarchy did when my nephew first came up with it – and hey we get a .89 rating for that.”

Through an interpreter, Hideki was quoted as saying that “during the recent races at Kentucky and Milwaukee he found the American women in the stands to be ‘Exotic’ and unlike the women of his native Japan”. When asked what specifically he found attractive in the American women that captured his attention, through his interpreter he replied “I am really interested in the facial and oral jewelry that many American women are adorned with. The strange bluish body markings are also very attractive and distinctive”

In describing his alias role as Fitness coach, Tony Kanaan said “I plan to work these girls hard, really make them sweat. I want to figure out which ones would be right for Hideki and which ones would be better off with someone else”.

At the press conference, Terry Angstadt, the President of the Commercial division at the Indy Racing League was quoted as saying “We are really happy with the expanded coverage we are receiving at Versus. I think this show is another great indication and message to our sponsors that the expanded coverage we receive on Versus will insure that a sizeable audience will eventually see their ads during a broadcast” He also added “We also hope to be able to make an announcement soon that at the end of the show Hideki and the Grid Girl he selects will be presented a two week trip to a beautiful beach locale somewhere in Brazil.” Also adding “We also have a nice press release written to announce an official clothier for Hideki during the show” Formal press releases for these details are expected in seven to ten days.

October 27, 2009

New York, NY – Sixteenth season of Amazing Race to feature IndyCar Drivers Graham Rahal and Marco Andretti

The sixteenth season of CBSs’ Emmy award winning Reality show The Amazing Race will feature up and coming stars of the IndyCar Series Graham Rahal and Marco Andretti. The Amazing Race features pairs of contestants as they travel racing around the world making several stops in various countries along the way. While in each country teams compete in various challenges that test their dexterity, courage and common sense. The show is hosted by New Zealander Phil Keoghan.

Graham was asked what interested him in appearing in the show and competing in the race. “Whenever we have sponsor meetings at McDonald’s I am amazed at how many places in the world Have McDonald’s restaurants. My dad said he knew someone at CBS and thought he could pull a string or two.” Andretti added “It always seems that the Race has at least one or two smokin’ hot all girl teams”.

When asked how they expected to work together as teammates during the show Rahal said “I fully expect that we will tackle tasks according to our talents and abilities. I look forward to doing much of the driving and taking on the intellectual, decision making responsibilities during the show” To which Andretti replied “Driving, yeah maybe if it rains” Rahal commenting back “We might let Marco drive if we get word that another team might spin out”

When asked if they looked forward to some of the more challenging tasks that the series is know for, such as Bungee jumping off the walkway between the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, eating deep fried beetle larvae in China or carrying 200 lbs of Swiss cheese up the Matterhorn, Rahal answered “I’m not eating any worms – I’m sure I will be able to find a McDonald’s wherever we wind up” Andretti responded “Dude, I’m an Andretti, You’re eating the worms” To which Rahal retorted “Ok then you can drive after you finish the worms” Which prompted Andretti to comment “Well I guess some of us just better understand what it means to be a teammate and some don’t. I need to talk to my agent”.

Phil Keoghan, the host of the show was quoted as saying “It’s really too bad that the plan to feature fellow New Zealander Scott Dixon and his wife Emma fell through. I understand that with a child involved it makes it difficult to be away from home for an extended period.”

After the press conference was over, Rahal and Andretti were overheard in a conversation. Rahal started "Maybe your dad could pull some some strings and get Hildebrand to show up for that worm eating episode?" To which Andretti replied "Yeah, but we can't let him drive, people will figure stuff out."

The Amazing Race #16 will start filming in November and will be broadcast beginning in February 2010.

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