Thursday, October 1, 2009

NBC in talks to Merge with Versus, and various other Comcast properties

I sort of want to expound on this in detail, but I am at an airport with 13% battery life remaining...

The WSJ is reporting that NBC Universal and Comcast are in talks to consilidate and merge their combined channel portfolio. Consolidation of channels is an objective in the merger plans and my guess is that will be the end of Versus as we know it. It will probably be rolled into the NBC Universal Sports channel that now sits on DirecTV channel 604 (if memory Serves...haven't been to that part of my programming guide for a while now - those of you with DirecTV will get the Joke!).

NBC-US focusses on Olympic sports and cycling etc. Versus would bring it the Tour De France to compliment the Giro d' Italia and Vuelta a Espana (the two other grand cycling tours of Europe). VS and NBC currently tag team the NHL so my guess - look for more NHL on NBC. Right now neither VS nor NBC - US have enough programming to support 1/3rd of a real channel, combined they might have something to talk about.

This opens up a lot of discussions now. Would you feel differently about the Versus deal if it rolled into a branded NBC channel that received promotional support on other NBC Properties???

What of the ABC Package of races? Would it be in the best interest of IndyCar to consider moving the remaining ABC races, including the 500 to NBC if they covered more races and better supported the NBC US race telecasts??

Kudos to Defender, who is either a psychic or had some information on this as a potential reality...

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  1. I think this definitely changes my view of the deal as the NBC name would be a boost. For me at least, it's one less channel to worry about while surfing being a viewer of both.


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