Monday, November 2, 2009

Fanta to Sponsor Foursome of Female IndyCar Drivers

More great news for the IndyCar series was released Monday. As always, feel free to use the Hyperlinks to enhance your blog consumption enjoyment….

Fanta Soft Drinks Inks Major Sponsorship with IndyCar Series Drivers

November 2, 2009 – Atlanta, Georgia

The Fanta brand of soft drinks announced a new advertising campaign and sponsorship program that will feature a quartet of IndyCar drivers. The campaign will revive and feature the popular Fantanas dance team. In the current campaign, the Racing Fantanas will be portrayed by current IndyCar drivers Sarah Fisher, Milka Dunno, Ana Beatriz and Simona De Silvestro.

In addition to an aggressive domestic media plan that targets a Latino audience the deal also includes sponsorship for the drivers involved. Beatriz and De Silvestro will receive primary sponsorship for the 2010 – 2012 seasons driving for Rahal Letterman Racing. Fisher and Dunno will receive associate sponsorships from the deal.

Vice President for North American Fanta Brand Strategy, Bill Zahren, was quoted as saying “We have really wanted to feature a scantily clad team of B level celebrities as the Fantanas for quite some time now. Unfortunately since the deal with the Pussycat Dolls fell through, the project has been at a stand still.” When asked what made the quartet of IndyCar drivers a good fit for Fanta, Zahren replied “We here at Fanta really like fast women, so working with women that go fast seemed like the next best thing”.

The television spot will feature the high energy dance routines that made the Fantanas a mainstay in pop culture. It will end with a bit of humor, where Beatriz, De Silvestro and Dunno will break from dance formation heading towards the camera and excitedly scream something in their native languages (Portuguese, Italian and Spanish) into the camera, then exiting to leave a startled Fisher to stop dancing and inquire in a loud puzzled tone “What???”

When asked how she liked filming the commercial with her co-stars, Fisher replied, “Wow, did I ever feel like a Caucasian Midwesterner with no rhythm!! These girls can really wiggle and boogie – It was hard to keep up. Fortunately, Milka was great, she taught me all sorts of new dance moves. I plan to pay her back next week. She is going to visit our shop and I am going to teach her how to change gears in the race car.” When asked if there was anything disappointing in the filming, Fisher replied “I sort of wish I had a little more costume to work with”.

Asked if she was looking forward to the increased exposure from the campaign Dunno replied “La luna es de color p├║rpura y que sabe a pescado” which translates into “The commercials will let people see what a talented driver I really am”.

Rahal Letterman Racing Team owner Bobby Rahal was asked if he was looking forward to working with the two young drivers moving up from developmental series “I am really excited to work with such great young talents as Ana and Simona. It reminds me of when we signed Danica, times two. Since they have already won multiple races it feels like we are ahead of the curve”. Rahal was also asked how it felt to be back on track for 2010, he replied “I am really looking forward to getting back into the pit box next year. I really have missed being there since Karl Haas got the restraining order.”

When asked what the future might bring for the racing Fantanas, Zahren stated “We hope to expand the franchise and feature cameo appearances for some of the other drivers in the series. We have a creative in storyboard testing right now that will feature the Fantanas bringing a little Fanta and some joy to Will Power. We also hope to tie into some of the other great things going on in the IndyCar series, we plan to create a commercial spot featuring Hideki Mutoh and his newly chosen Gridgirl .”

At the press conference, Terry Angstadt, the President of the Commercial division at the Indy Racing League was quoted as saying “We are really happy with the expanded coverage we are receiving at Versus. I think over time a sizeable audience will eventually have the chance to enjoy this really great example of sponsor activation” He also added that he hoped to extend this sponsorship to a racing event, citing the hope to run a Fantana 400 at the Fontana Speedway. To date however he stated that “The receptionist at ISC hasn’t returned my call” adding that he “plans to send her some flowers next week”.

Ok - So this really isn't, well, real... Yet! But admit it - you can't get enough of the Fantanas... Here's one more to tide you over...

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