Monday, November 9, 2009

JP Visits IICS Mt Rushmore

Greetings from the week that moves JP up another level in his airline's frequent flyer program. Ind to NYC to Stamford to IND to Detroit to San Antonio to Houston to Dallas to Atlanta to Ind.
No deep thoughts or instances of deranged humor - not enough time. Will follow up the "Whitespace" post with "Creating a new Business Model" later in the week.
For now, just a couple instances of IndyCar promotion in the big apple.
I haven't had the chance to see Versus for, hmmm, about three months now. They apparently have a new series - "Big Time Sports Jobs" or something to that effect. Which I take gives audiences an inside look at particular sports related jobs. It looks like IndyCar gets some love in at least one of the episodes. To support that series, there is a huge billboard featuring the IndyCar episode on the Long Island Expressway heading into the Queens midtown tunnel. It's the last thing that anyone from Queens, Brooklyn or eastern Long Island sees on their way into midtown Manhattan.

And of course there is IndyCar Mt Rushmore, Times Square, 42nd and Broadway... Yes that is a lifesize JP in the forground...

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