Thursday, January 28, 2010

JR and JP Team up in Ad Campaign for Potbelly Sandwich Works

Potbelly Sandwich Works Restaurant ( announced the launch of a new nationwide television ad campaign featuring Izod IndyCar driver JR Hildebrand and semi prominent race blogger JP.

The commercial which will begin airing during the Superbowl will begin by showing Hildebrand at the conclusion of the 2009 season winning the Firestone Indy Lights title. The commercial will then show JR wandering into a Potbelly Sandwich Works location and then discovering the warm tasty delight of a Potbelly sandwich. The Commercial will flash forward 4 months to the beginning of the 2010 season. JP (appearing as JR) wearing an undersized driver suit and helmet will then try to hopelessly squeeze himself into JR’s Potbelly Sandwich Express Racecar. The commercial will end with a voiced over tagline “Potbelly Sandwich Works, Good….Maybe a Little TOO Good”.

When asked what she thought of the new advertising and promotional campaign Melinda Ludack, Potbelly Franchisee from Ashland, Wisconsin was quoted as saying, “Ya hey we’rrre excited to have the promoootion and all don’t cha kno”. In addition to the additional advertising support, Potbelly franchisees will have the opportunity to win a ride with JR in the Izod IndyCar Series two seater before one of the series events. “Oooooo That’d be fast” offered Ludack. The winning Franchisee would also win a visit to their franchise by JP. “Chching!!” exclaimed Ludack.

When asked to comment on the likelihood of success for the new campaign, Adam Distassio of the marketing research company InsideExpress commented “Man that ad tested well, it blew all of our norms away”

Kevin Shill of Magic Marker, the advertising agency involved with the campaign, was quoted as saying “this is a great campaign that we could not have done without JR or the Izod IndyCar Series. We thought about using nascar and one of their drivers, but then we realized that no matter how many Whoppers Tony Stewart eats, he’d still fit inside one of those tanks, err, race cars. It just wouldn’t be nearly as funny”

Hildebrand, who was bestowed with the nickname "Captain America" by his AFS team, was quoted as saying “I am really excited to have this relationship with Potbelly I think we have some great promotional opportunities and activities set up to reward their franchisees. Whenever I fly home I make sure to have a connection at Midway airport so I can score my Potbelly fix. I wish they had locations in Indianapolis.”

Editor's note - YES This is a Humor spot, but Potbelly is good stuff and is JP and JR approved.

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