Tuesday, February 16, 2010

JP Going Dark for a Bit

Hey everyone, I'll be going dark for a bit, both here and on twitter. I have another project I need to put some time and effort against. In the mean time you may see some guest bloggers gracing this site with content on a wide array of racing topics. Who knows, Mrs JP may post. I'll be back April 4th, in the middle of what promises to be the start of a great season in the IICS.

I see a season coming with a slight tick up on car counts, some promising new faces and races a So Paolo and St Pete that will be better than expected. No fuel knob, more juice in the P2P and long straightaways will provide more passing action than we are used to. Regardless, the season will be underway, ethanol fumes will be in the air and all will be right with the world. Untill then, happy blogging...


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