Friday, February 26, 2010

A Note From Mrs JP

Mrs JP here, just filling in for JP while he’s … well doing whatever it is he is doing...

We pulled the trigger this week. We’re having Dish Network installed tomorrow morning. We’d been loyal Directv customers for over eight years, but decided that we can’t live without Versus for the whole racing season. We’ll see how it goes… Perhaps you should consider the same???

Speaking of racing season, I need to dig out my favorite yellow Sarah Fisher t-shirt. I wore it every race last year, whether she was there or not. You know, it’s funny, Dollar General wasn’t even on my radar before they sponsored Sarah. I had never even been in one of their stores. When the news came out that they were sponsoring Sarah I had to go take a look. I was pleasantly surprised. Now it seems like I’m in a Dollar General store a couple times each week. Now I know I’m just one person, but their sponsorship made a difference to me, I wonder if it did for anyone else?

And now that I’ve mentioned my Sarah Fisher t-shirt it got me thinking. Maybe I’ll be able to add a couple more shirts to my wardrobe this year. Hopefully I’ll walk into the IndyCar store at the track and see an Ana or Simona t-shirt. Ana’s driving for Dreyer & Reinbold, looks like that’s where JP and I will be buying our new Subaru. Simona’s driving for HVM, I wonder where I’ll have to shop for them?

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