Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Amber Alert Issued for Missing Pace Car Team Driver

Speedway, IN – An Amber alert has been issued for missing Izod IndyCar Pace Car Team Driver Pippa Mann. Mann went missing after appearing with fellow pace car team members at a recent Indiana Pacers game. She was last seen throwing throwing t-shirts to the crowd during a fourth quarter time out. Witnesses were quoted as saying that she showed impressive dexterity in tossing the t-shirts while wearing shoes that featured 11” high heels.

Mann, a native of Ipswich, England is known to speak with an odd accent and has not been seen at several subsequent Pace Car Team events including functions at St Petersburg, Birmingham Al and Long Beach California. It was shortly after her no show at Long Beach that friends became concerned, filing a missing person’s report. After confirming her absence, police triggered the Amber Alert that has been issued and broadcast through the early warning system in 5 midwestern states.

An emotional Fellow Pace Car Team Member James Hinchliffe was quoted “We have a buddy system to make sure that we look out for each other when we are out at events and Pippa and I were buddies that evening. I saw a hottie wearing a sweet pair of skinny jeans and I took my eyes off Pippa for just a second and then she was gone. I feel so responsible, I don’t know what to do, I miss Pippa” as tears rolled down Hinchliffe’s cheek.

Police have exhausted all traditional leads have gone to extreme measures in the effort to locate the popular Pace Car Team driver. Recently police have utilized the services of Psychic Allison DuBois to help in the effort to find the missing Mann. DuBois was quoted a feeling that Mann “Was somewhere tight, cramped and warm, there was a lot of loud noise in the background, sort of like a really powerful engine revving up and down”.

Police also said that based on a feed from surveillance cameras at Conseco Fieldhouse they have identified a “person of interest” in the case. They currently do not have the name of a man who was spotted in several different camera shots following Mann around the arena that evening. They have issued a close up image of the man in hopes that someone can identify him.

Fans of Pippa Mann have been holding a candle light vigil at the entrance to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where Mann was scheduled to make her next appearance. They sing songs and pray for Mann’s safe return. One of those attending the vigil is Jenny Roush who was quoted as saying “Things just aren’t the same without Pippa. She brought Class, spunk and a wonderful fashion sense to a team of boys who appear to be very Laundry challenged. She is a leader and an inspiration to all of us. We just want to know that she is safe and ok. I so hope to be able to take a Pace Car ride with her when she is found.”

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  1. Call out the Canadian Mounties - they always get their Mann!


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