Sunday, May 9, 2010

Eddie Gossage offered $2M to Change Name

Fort Worth, Texas - Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage has a $2 Million dollar decision on his hands. That decision being whether to accept an offer from the Izod IndyCar series to change his name, from his birthright Eddie Fillmore Gossage to the shorter and catchier Nascar Sucks in exchange for $2 million Dollars. While rumors of the offer have been circulating for weeks, official announcement came today during a press Q and A with Randy Bernard, the president of the Izod IndyCar Series. Bernard confirmed that the offer had been made to Gossage three weeks ago simultaneously to an invitation for Gossage to serve on the ICONIC committee formed to steer the league through it’s new car selection process.

When asked what he felt the prospects were for Gossage accepting the deal, taking the money and changing his name, Bernard replied, “Well, we made the offer three weeks ago and at this point Eddie has not turned us down. That has to be a clear indication that he is giving the offer serious consideration.” He added, “Hopefully, we can time this so that we can make the announcement in early June, potentially at the TMS race itself.”

Bernard was asked what the IICS hoped to gain from such an audacious publicity stunt, he replied “Publicity”. Probed further on the subject he added “we feel like the majority of America outside the 317 area code has forgotten that IndyCar exists. Before I became President of the series, I have to come clean, I thought that the Indy 500 was another nascar race. We have to get the word out to those potential race fans who are alienated by Competition yellows, Potholes, Shredded tires, Lucky Dogs and random drivers walking away with victories from green and white Checkered finishes that there is another option available to them.”

When asked why he chose Gossage to be the recipient of the $2M offer, Bernard replied “When we went down to TMS and met with Eddie to discuss his Joining the Iconic Committee, he insisted on doing the whole meeting while wearing one of Johnny Rutherford’s old driving helmets and driving gloves. He insisted that we all call him “Lone Star” and indicated that he was predisposed to the Chaparral chassis design. We knew right then and there we found our man.” When asked if he felt like there needed to be further negotiations with Gossage, Bernard replied “We have that taken care of, we sent AJ Foyt down to talk to him, Texan to Texan. AJ took his hammer with him and I am sure if need be he will make Eddie an offer he can’t refuse.”

Gossage did not return press inquiries on the matter. Earlier this year, on April 1, Gossage announced a similar offer when he reportedly offered a local Dallas DJ $100,000 to change his name to “”. The offer was declined and later revealed to be a publicity stunt.

Texas Motor Speedway is owned by SMI and is a long standing track owning rival to ISC the parent company to Nascar. Tensions between ISC and SMI have always been tense, but in recent months have in recent months since announcement that certain ISC tracks will be gaining third dates to support new Casinos being built at those tracks. Bruton Smith, President of SMI, and Gossage’s boss commented on the situation “Eddie’s been trying real hard to get a third date for TMS for five years now, and they just won’t let him have it. These people are moving more dates to their own properties and telling everyone else to go screw themselves. These people got Potholes at what is supposed to be the showcase of the sport, and meanwhile I spent $5M dollars to fix the weepers at Kentucky and they still won’t let us have a cup date there.” When asked if he thought Gossage should take the IICS up on it’s $2m offer, Smith replied, “We’ll see, Eddie’s naming rights may be part of the New Hampshire deal”.

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