Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Quick Thought About the Double...

As Randy Bernard put it, all boats rise on a high tide, but right now as it has been proposed, only two boats rise on the $20m Memorial Weekend Double scheme hatched by Randy Bernard and/or Bruton Smith. Those ships being the USS IICS and the USS SMI. Notably missing is the USS ISC, and let's face it, If nascar and ISC aint getting a cut then nobody's getting a cut. nascar, if they wanted to, could make it very difficult on the other two players here by dictating start times at Charlotte so that even if the Indy 500 started earlier, drivers would still have a hard time getting to Charlotte that evening. For the plan to work, ISC/nascar needs to get their cut also.

Here's a thought on how to get all the boats rising on the tide and get ISC their cut. Other than a small handfull of drivers, there are none that have spent any time in the other series' car to make it an inviting proposition. I would Imagine the Dixon's, Castroneves and Briscoe's of the world would want some seat time in a cup car before Charlotte and likewise, anyone named Harvick, Gordon, Busch or Johnson would want to take a spin or two in an IICS car before pulling out onto the yard of bricks memorial day weekend.

So what's the compromise? Simple, we know that Kansas is getting a second cup date. While the fear has been the second cup date would mean the plug getting pulled on the IICS date there, what if the second Kansas cup date was the first week of May and the IICS moved their Kansas date to the same weekend as the Saturday race the day before? That weekend you could have drivers cross pollinating across the two series as a feeling out and learning process for the circus later in the month, with the drama selling more tickets for both days of the weekend event.

Similarly an earlier season cup date could be spiced up in the same manner. Take Fontana, IICS needs early season Ovals, ISC needs something to breathe life back into the stale event at that locale and a weekend of driver swapping might do the trick. A fringe benefit here is that if the IICS fontana part of the race ticket was on Versus, you would immediately bring a lot of attention to the channel with the hopes that the bump in ratings carried through for the rest of the season. Not sure if this would add or detract from Long Beach, but I sense that the LB event has always been its own sustainable animal.

At the end of the day ISC/nascar won't play along unless there is something in it for them. This arrangement sells more tickets for ISC, keeps/get more IICS dates at ISC ovals, gets more drivers interested since they will have some prep time in the alien cars and looks to share the wealth across all the interested parties...Just a thought...and Bruton, I thought of it first...

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