Thursday, June 17, 2010

IMS Selling GA Tickets at the Brickyard

How far we have come, from deliberately not selling GA tix to make sure that the Brickyard 400 never oversold the 500 to the point where GA tickets are being sold to keep the 400 alive. It is clear where the hearts of most hoosiers are.

Here's a quick thought, If ISC doesn't play ball with IMS and SMI to make the Memorial Day Double happen, then why couldn't IMS create a "Double" that looks after #1 first? Offer $20M to a driver if they can win both the 500 and the 400? Probably would not get the born and bred chase contending nascar driver to participate, but you still might get the Sam, Robbie and JPM interested. Getting an indy based 500 winner from red and white team into one of their cup cars would be feasible. The 500 winner in racing in the 400 would sell more tix for the brickyard meaning more $$$ for IMS and IICS to use for themselves.

Just a thought - feel free to beat it with a stick....

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