Friday, May 13, 2011

JP's Month of May Schedule...

Obviously if some additional weekend opportunities present themselves....But I have a couple business trips during the week, and if you notice the little Icon to the right...due to the excessively wet spring to date, planting on the Acre is way behind schedule and I need to dedicate at least one day a weekend to it.

I plan to be out and about on the following days at the speedway...

  • Fast Friday
  • Depending on weather ...Bump day or Pole day (preference right now - Bump day)
  • Carb Day
  • The Night before at IRP or whatever the heck they are calling it now
  • Raceday.

I tend to be a bit of a social hermit, but I am generally friendly, so if you see me or someone like me say hello!

Stay tuned here and on twitter...Some really cool stuff is going to be coming out of my work/blog will all want to stay tuned...

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