Friday, August 26, 2011

JP Does Sonoma…If Delta Cooperates

SO I have a business trip to San Francisco next week…and it just happens that IndyCar is racing at Sonoma…Hmmmm
If Delta gets me in on time Saturday and I navigate traffic successfully I should hit the track in time for Quali’s and then Pix and perhaps an interview or two afterwards.  Stay tuned for updates Saturday and Sunday night.
I am interested in seeing the crowd this year.  Last year’s crowd was reported to be a healthy increase over 2009.  I have a suspicion that the crowd could continue to grow. Two reasons: 
First the hometown hero, JR Hildebrand, makes his return home with quite a bit more notoriety than his cameo appearance last year.  JR has spent the week out and about in the Bay area promoting the race, most recently showing off the whitest legs in the paddock to the crowd at the Giants game.
Second, Ho Ping Tung … Huh? What? Ho Ping Tung?  How does he move the needle?  Bear with me…
I have been the holder of a mini season ticket package for the Indiana Pacers for several years and no matter how bad the Pacers had been in recent years there were three teams that would guarantee a full house.  Lakers, Cavs and then the Rockets.  Bryant, LeBron and Yao Ming the stars for the three teams.  Yao’s army showed up in numbers for every road game the Chinese star played.  Does Ho Ping Tung have an army of followers?  While Ho Ping Tung is ethnically Chinese he is not from China, does this make a difference?  The city with the largest Chinese community in the country might give us some clues…Of course did anyone bother to tell the local Chinese media?  I have no clue.
So yeah this is a pretty lame post. Despite the available material, I just haven’t really been feeling that worked up or opinionated about anything as of late.  There was going to be another tidbit here, but frankly it is worthy of an entire post sometime when I have a little more enthusiasm. 
Enjoy the race this weekend and make sure you have plenty of beverages on hand, George Phillips suggests watching Sonoma makes him thirsty.

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  1. Unfortunately JP could not make the trip out West (Hope you are feeling better!) so feel free to follow my Tweet @Urbanheartland during the Infineon Indycar race!


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