Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Looking for a Precedent...

I tweeted this earlier tonight but tweets are fickle things w/o lasting permanence if you weren’t paying attention.  Please answer this question for me: 
In a basketball game:  a referee makes a mistake and inadvertently blows his whistle, after the whistle, an offensive player takes a dribble and then hits a shot.  Does the shot count???
In Football, the play is in progress, the a defender attempts to tackle the ball carrier, the referee thinking the ball  carrier’s knee has hit the ground blows the whistle and calls the play dead.  When in fact the ball carrier’s knee doesn’t hit the ground and a split second later fumbles the ball which is picked up by the defensive team.  After 20 minutes of replay review, Who’s ball is it?
Pretty clearly we are breaking new ground here, so the best I can do is follow precedents set by other sports who have similar situations arise…All due respect to NHL and Oriol Servia, This is Ryan Hunter Reay’s race.

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  1. I sympathize with NHR and Servia, but I agree that the officially posted finishing order is the right order. The green flashed, but the yellow was back out before the timing line. Order should revert back to previously scored results. That being said, the IICS rule book is a mess replete with "We'll do anything we dang well want and you'll like it" verbage. >:( ...might go to more rally races next year.


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