Saturday, May 12, 2012

Indianapolis 2012 - Opening Day in Pictures

I spent this opening day at the speedway trying to capture as many faces as I could.  Here’s what I learned:

·         Takuma Sato digs his new scooter.  JRHildebrand really, really likes his Chevelle.  Meanwhile, Ryan Hunter Reay seems to be giving Doug Patterson (@xorpheous) an interview while riding a bicycle.

·         James Hinchcliffe is a man of many faces, and he seems to be up to something silly involving phones.  Despite the fancy shades, Wade Cunningham is this year’s “most anonymous driver”

·         Pippa seems really happy to see me!! (someone get that girl a car!!) AND I am really, really certain Bia wants me to call her…FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, does anyone know her number!!

·         Someone call Meryll Streep, we found her baby…

·         It appears to be “drive your employees to work” day at Dale Coyne Racing.  Meanwhile, No such nonsense at Team Penske and Micheal Andretti just hopes it sticks round turn 1.

·         Tony George seems upset with the picture he ended up with on his credentials…

·         Jean Alesi seems somewhat out of sorts that this gig involves socializing with random Yahoos.  But fortunately, Paula Deen joined Team Simona and everyone seems really happy with that.  Despite the fancy home spun cuisine, Curt Cavin seems to be trying really hard to get Keith Wiggins to confess that his Lotus powered effort has no chance for success…

·         Meanwhile, the Team Dragon Garage is a lonely, desolate place…

Click HERE to see the complete gallery.

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  1. Ha! Yes, Jean Alesi seems rather perplexed with this whole thing doesn't he?


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