Friday, June 22, 2012

Farewell From Where it Began...

In June 2009 Jenny and I attended our first race at Milwaukee together and we fell in love with the place.  Lots of reasons why, and it is not my point to go into them here.  A week earlier I had started this blog.  The race weekend enhanced the sense of purpose for the blog and propelled me into a period marked by more writing than I had done since my college days.

Three years later I have learned a fair bit about myself and the sport.  I didn't really accomplish one of things I hoped to, I am still a fumbling hack when it comes to composing prose in a quick, coherent manner, which always was a roadblock to more regular posting here.  Yet I take the satisfaction of seeing certain things I have advocated or suggested in this venue become reality, some for better and some for worse. 

But as of late the well is running dry.  Dark clouds are on my horizon and they are sapping my patience for "Being an active participant" in the discussion of all things IndyCar.  Fortunately, my enthusiasm for the sport remains and I am finding that the best way for me to nurture that now is to simply watch from the stands or couch and enjoy.  My TSO updates and Marshall Pruett articles are all I need to stay up to speed on the details.

So as I sat in the stands during quals at Milwaukee last Friday, I realized the time was right to pull the plug on regular contributions to this site.  Winding it down in the place where it began. 

Perhaps I'll occasionally flip the switch on the "OPEN" sign and ponder something anew.  The twitter account @JPIndyCar is staying put and if you see me at the track say hello, I am friendly, just not overly outgoing.  Most of all, I thank you for your interest and patience in my ramblings here. 

Stay Flat and Off the Limiter!

John Pemberton


  1. Job well done JP! As a follower of the blog and knowing you for over 20 years now (yikes!) I was very proud to be associated with this fan-centric view of Indycars, a sport we both love dearly.

    Not sure what is the future for Indycars and even open-wheel racing in general. I hope for the best but have to look squarely at the reality.

    Regardless, we will miss this unique fan-centric POV from a fellow fan. Again, job well done JP!

  2. Just catching up on the ol' Google Reader and found this. Say it ain't so, JP!

    Really, I'll keep checking in, though, because you're one of the only guys out there doing some real, actual deep thinking about what's going on in our sport. Hope you can recharge the batteries for a while and post a little something from time to time (sort of like I do about once every 6 months).

    Take care, and see you at the track.

  3. I've been meaning to get over here and comment, but as you know - my own life has been getting in the way, but for happier reasons. Thanks for adding a touch of sanity to the sometimes way too snarky world of the blogosphere. From what I have heard, bloggers from other sports are ruthless and cutthroats. IndyCar bloggers, for the most part, are a very friendly and congenial group. I'm lucky to have gotten to meet many of them and I'm glad that you and I were able to meet up at the track a few times.

    I hope things go well for you away from the track and that there are brighter days ahead. Maybe then you'll get the urge to jump back in. Until then, we'll see you at the track. Thanks for some excellent writing.


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