Saturday, April 6, 2013

Barber Saturday - A Familiar Face and a Few Images

I spent most of Saturday schlepping around Barber Motorsports Park toting my camera and a tripod hoping to capture some "Phantom Car" images.  No such luck - The GrandAm series which is usually money for 3 - 4 yellows that bunch the field up and make the images look good mustered a single caution period. 

But I did bump into John Edwards in pit lane.  I have commented on John before and my thoughts on his potential addition to the IndyCar field HERE.  A quick summary - Coming up the ladder, John is a former Star Mazda champion and was the Formula Atlantics champion in the series Finale Season, beating out Jonathan Summerton and Simona DeSilvestro for the title.  Hailing from Cincinatti, Ohio, he was young at the time and remains so, 21 or 22 (I am too lazy tonight to look it up). 

He currently drives for Stephenson Motorsport in both the GrandAM and Continental Tire series and is a developmental driver for RLL in the ALMS series.

Saturday was John's day - Winning the GT class in the GrandAM feature and placing second in the Continental Tire race later in the afternoon.  I said it two years ago and I say it now.  I wish someone in the IndyCar paddock would give this kid a chance.  Of course, any time you talk about adding a name to the series, you also have to ballance that with a subtraction.  But for starters, How about the 500?  Bobby?  Sarah?  JB?   Ed?  Anyone??  Bueller?  Bueller?

Anyway - a few pictures...

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