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Nope.  Not a Journalist.
Nope.  Not a Race Groupie.
Nope.  Not a Race Insider.
I have a camera, but I am not a Professional Photographer.

Just a guy with an opinion and an occasional few minutes to share it with whomever posesses an interest in IndyCar and has enough spare time on their hands to stumble across this remote corner of the internet.  I don't always post regularly, but when I do...I try to cover stuff that others aren't talking about without saying the same damn thing over and over.  There are no scoops here, just the occasional hunch and dot connecting.  Occasionaly I make stuff up to have a laugh...so if you are easily duped, read the labels at the bottom of the post to avoid confusion.

Please try to remember this...it's a sport...an escape.  If you aren't having fun, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!

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